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  • Wish: [Image Compare]

    It would be very useful to us to support multipage TIFF files for picture compare. Many of the files I use this feature on have multiple pages, but BC3 can only compare the first one.

    Additionally, it'd be nice to do a batch image compare. I noticed some images are shown as Binary different (because they are) but then i am able to open them and do a pixel comparison (one at a time though).


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    Hi Adam,

    Supporting multipage TIFFs is on our wishlist, but will require a fair amount of reworking to do, so I can't say if/when it will be done. In your case is a page-by-page comparison sufficient, or would we need to somehow detect inserted/deleted pages? If the latter, it would help if you could email sample files that show the problem to [email protected].

    As for batch image compares, use the rules-based comparison instead of binary comparison and BC will do a pixel comparison of the files. In the interactive view you can see the difference in the center column. If it's a binary match the = sign will have a little (01/10) icon next to it to indiciate that it's a binary match instead of a rules-based one (which has a plain =). BC always does a binary comparison first (it's faster), so you will see binary matches even if you do a rules-based comparison.
    Zoë P Scooter Software


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      This bug / missing feature caused me some problems recently.

      Please update so when ICO, TIFF and other compound picture files contain several images a warning/note is displayed saying only the first image is being compared. As well don't change the binary unequal to equal if the picture compare is opened on such files with only the first images matching.

      To reproduce the bug:
      1. Binary compare of two folders that contain favicon.ico files with different numbers of pictures (one is missing a 256 color 16x16 icon the other has, first icon in each is the same)
      2. The binary compare shows them as unequal
      3. Double clicking then opens the picture compare showing them as = same.
      4. Returning to folder view now has it set to = as well which is incorrect.


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        Thanks for the feedback. This is still a limitation of our current picture support, but something we would like to address. In the meantime, please note that a rules-based view will always override the previous content scan results by design, as it is assumed to process and display the relevant data (such as pre-processing code, sorting, etc). If you need to replace these results, please right click and re-run a Binary scan on the item in the Folder Compare.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          I'm having trouble with multi-page .tiff files, too. Craig mentioned doing a page-by-page comparison. How is that done? Can it be scripted?


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            That was an older post where Craig was trying to figure out different workflows. We don't currently have either type of support. If you are familiar with any command line that can pull out each page as a separate file, that could then be scripted to pass in individual files, each as a new comparison. But out of the box, BC3 only supports a single page Tiff.
            Aaron P Scooter Software