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Comparing Data inside FoxPro DBF Files

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  • Comparing Data inside FoxPro DBF Files

    Hello Friends,

    Happy holidays and wishes for a prosperous new year you all.

    I need to compare data inside some DBF files. I searched archieves for possible solutions. There were some clues after I searched with Keyword "FoxPro" > some of them being :

    It seems that the learned users have been successful in comparing data inside DBF files.

    It seems that some solution on the lines of "Additional File Formats > Microsoft Excel workbooks > Compares the text contents of Microsoft Excel workbooks" could provide the solution. It will be nice if you please direct me toward solution.

    With Regards

    Sanjiv Bansal

    My BC version : Latest version 3

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    If your DBF files can be viewed as text, then you can open them in the Text Compare. If they contain delimited data, then you can configure the Data Compare to open them as well.

    The Data Compare's default rules will attempt to Auto-Detect delimiter values. If it does not detect correctly, you can configure this by creating a new File Format under the Tools menu -> File Formats dialog.

    If you are using the Data Compare, your data files must have a Key column(s). This is a unique identifier for each row, such as an ID Number, or First Name and Last Name. Two rows cannot have the same Key value(s). If your tables do not have a Key, then you will need to use the Text Compare.

    If you would like, please email the files themselves to [email protected]. Please also include a link back to this forum post, and your from the Help menu -> Support; Export.
    Aaron P Scooter Software