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    BC3 has the PDF compare that generates the text from the PDF and then compares that.
    If there are markups in the PDF, they will be missed.
    embedded Graphical plot differences cannot be seen.

    Acrobat professional has a very good PDF compare built in that puts a coloured ring around the differences, be they text, or graphics, etc.
    The PDF is displayed as its final presentation.
    I would rather buy a copy of Acrobat standard and beyond compare 3 than Acrobat professional just for the PDF difference capability. (We bundle these with each product we sell)

    I was wondering if anyone had looked more into this, or would like to look at this?
    Possibly, converting the PDF to graphical display format, and doing something like the picture compare?

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    Thanks for the suggestion. A graphical presentation of differences would be nice to use in BC3, but it is not something we can do at this time. If you can perform the conversion ahead of time, or know of a program that can perform the conversion with the command line, you can create a Custom Picture Compare file format.
    Aaron P Scooter Software