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    BC2's Data viewer plugin allows for numerical tolerance, but unfortunately it can only work on Integers and delimited files only. What I need is something that can ignore differences within a decimal tolerance (eg +-0.005) in XML files.

    Is there anyway i can achieve this in BC3 ?


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    Both BC2's Data Viewer and BC3's Data Compare support decimal tolerances of tables. If you can convert your data into an html table, the Data Compare will work for you. Are you asking for tolerance support in the Text Compare? How would you propose that would work? Would you be happy with a tolerance that affects all numbers?
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      Converting the data would not be feasible as we need to compare hundreds of files at a go.
      Also, the XMLs are serializations of objects so the numbers can be anywhere - suppose this also means that the tolerance should affect all numbers (be it part of a date, address, scientific notion etc etc etc)

      What I'm hoping it could do is identify that the difference is part of a number, then identify the number it is part of, and then finally compare if the difference falls within a tolerance.

      compared with

      would be allowed under a -+0.5 tolerence.

      btw, what is BC3's plugin like ?
      would it be possible to write up what i want to do in c# ?
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