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Save my Data Compare report to an Excel Spreadsheet (or CSV) file (both sides).

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  • Save my Data Compare report to an Excel Spreadsheet (or CSV) file (both sides).

    Hello -We use the Data Compare report a lot! It's great.

    What would make it greater (more great?) would be the ability to save the results to an Excel Spreadsheet or CSV file with the column headings, but without the other lines of summary data that is included with a normal Text or HTML.

    To put it another way, we spend time taking the output and making it easily filterable in Excel. The excel Text to Columns is confused by the summary data in the first few rows.

    Is this something that's already doable (and I've missed it)? If not, could you please put this on the enhancements list. Ideally it would produce a file which includes both sides of the compare, which can be loaded to Excel, with no further revisions. If it could save an Excel formatted file, that would be extra credit!.

    Thanks for the consideration.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. An option to drop some of the formatting/summary information from reports is on our wish list.

    In the current version, the only alternative for unformatted output from the Data Compare is to select rows, then copy and paste them into a text file.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Thanks Chris. Might you have an estimate of where on the enhancements list this is? I might roll a work-around if it will be a ways down the road.

      - Dan


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        It doesn't have a scheduled date, so it probably won't be in the near future.
        Chris K Scooter Software


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          OK - Thanks. Good to know. Is your understanding that when the enhancement is done, that it would facilitate quick importing into Excel, open office, etc. - basically that it would be a table of data with rows / columns (and nothing else). Also if possible, I think picking the delimiter would be a nice to have.

          Thanks Again.


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            Yes, we would like to make it easier for users to import data from reports into other applications. I've added your suggestions to our wish list item for this feature.

            In the current version, the best way to get a report into Excel is to save the report as HTML, then open the HTML file in Excel.
            Chris K Scooter Software


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              Thanks Chris.

              Appreciate the suggestion, and the super support in general.