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How to ignore all alignment overrides?

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  • How to ignore all alignment overrides?

    I just got Pro version, user of standard for a long time.

    I have two large folders, lots of files, where many files are same name but different extension. I used alignment override to get these to line up.
    Now I saw where I can ignore them 1 by one to get to the rest of the differences, which are the ones I care about. If two files differ only in the extension name, ie and filename1.zzz, I want them ALL ignored automatically in this session.

    Is there a way to do that, or do I have to Ignore them 1 by one?

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    Are you using our "Ignore" command, or are you using another method to ignore or hide your files?

    Hiding all "equal" files would effectively hide any equal files (regardless of the name). Do you need to show equal files with equal file names? If not, then you can use the Display Filter to show only differences.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I am using the Ignore feature in BC 3, one-by-one. But it's a lot of files to do that do (even with Ctrl-clicking on filenames).

      I know about hiding equal files, the files are not really equal. I just want them not to display/ignored if the names match and extensions don't (by the nature of different extensions, they are different formats so they won't be equal).

      How would I use Display Filters to ignore or not display any situations where two files are the same filename and different extension?



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        These is not a good way to do this in BC3. You can go to the Session menu -> Session Settings, Criteria tab, and disable all comparison criteria. At this point, if the name matches (alignment override or not) the files are equal. You can then Ignore them in mass or apply a file name filter. This probably will not work for you, however, since any filename pair that matches in name would also be hidden.

        Are there other factors that could be used to separate your files? Perhaps a filename filter that hides all *.png? Or would it be easier to not override the alignment, keep them as Orphans (blue) and then select and hide all Orphans? Then, once all non-Orphans have been dealt with, enable the Alignment Override, leaving only true Orphans left.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Could be easier to try one of these approaches - thanks for the suggestions, I'l play around with it and see what I can get working!