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  • mp3 id3 tag diff plugin

    The mp3 id3 tag diff plugin hasn't been updated in about 3 years. It would be real nice if this plugin had the ability to edit id3 tags (because diffing alone is not very useful.) I was looking at where I saw there are two available Delphi libraries for working with id3 tags. Any chance that the mp3 plugin can be updated with support for editing id3 tags?

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    Our latest releases added Incremental Search to the MP3 Compare session, along with some bug fixes, scripting mp3-report support, loading and not locking files, etc. Our changelog is available to review each release here:

    Editing ID3 Tag information is not currently available, but is on our Customer Wishlist. If there are any specific requests, workcase examples, or notes you'd like me to document, just let us know and I can add them to the wishlist entry.
    Aaron P Scooter Software