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"Data Compare" = binary compare of two files?

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  • "Data Compare" = binary compare of two files?

    I am searching for a way to compare two (big) files (*.zip, *.exe, *.iso)
    for binary differences.

    So I clicked on menu Session->New session->"Data compare" and dragged two binary files on the window.

    Although the size is relatively small (219 MB each) BC seems to run forever (I aborted after 10 minutes).

    How else can I compare the contents of two files binary?

    As a result yes (=equal) or no (=differences exist) is sufficient.


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    Hi Peter,

    for this task you have to use a Hex Compare session.
    The Data Compare is designed for structured data as excel tables, csv-files, ...

    Greetings Lutz


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      The Hex Compare will display the binary content differences as Hex. In version 3, it is limited to files about 500 MB in size.

      If you don't need to see what the differences are, just that files are different or matching, compare them in the Folder Compare instead. In the Folder Compare, select "Session > Session Settings", then go to the Criteria tab. Check "Compare Contents" and select "binary comparison". You can also use the "Actions > Compare Contents" command to compare the contents of selected files in the Folder Compare.
      Chris K Scooter Software


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        Hmm, using "Folder compare" to compare files?
        This is user unfriendly. I use BC only once in a while and have always to remmeber this work around (beside 326582654 other work arounds in other programs) when I want to compare the binary content for two files.
        Could you make it more intuitive in the next release?

        Why not introducing a checkbox/option in Hex compare: "check only identity yes/no"

        Thank you


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          Another option is to use Beyond Compare's Windows Explorer shell extension. You'll need to adjust the settings so BC doesn't open directly into a viewer. In Beyond Compare, select "Tools > Options". Go to the "Startup" section. Make sure "When starting with file comparison, show quick compare dialog" is checked. Select "Binary quick compare" as the compare type. Uncheck "Open view automatically if files are different". Click OK.

          In Windows Explorer, right click on a file and select "Select Left File For Compare". On another file, right click and select "Compare to file.txt". It will display the "Quick Compare" dialog and display the binary comparison results, such as "Binary differences". You can click "Open View" to see what the differences are, or Close if you don't need to see them.
          Chris K Scooter Software


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            To perform a Binary check without opening the files or viewing them in a Folder Compare, go to the Tools menu -> Options, Startup section. Enable "When starting with file comparison, show quick compare dialog": Binary quick compare. You can then select two files in My Computer and compare them using the shell extension, which will run a binary comparison.
            Aaron P Scooter Software