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comparing iPhone with Windows?

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  • comparing iPhone with Windows?

    I am running Windows XP Pro and iPhone 3GS with iOS4, and can't seem to figure out how to get Beyond Compare 3 to see my iPhone under My Computer, so I can copy over new photos, videos and Word/Excel/Text files created with iPhone QuickOffice.

    In XP if I click Administration Tools > Disk Management, the iPhone does not show up in either pane of the disk manager.

    I can see it in My Computer (no drive letter, it just shows up with a camera icon and the name of the phone ie "MyPhone1") and tried mapping a drive letter, but when Windows wants to know the path, I don't know what to put.

    The name of the iPhone "MyPhone1" doesn't seem to work, neither do any VNC type path permutations such as "\\MyPhone1". I even tried "localhost/MyPhone1/" or "//" (though I didn't expect those to work, I haven't set anything up in IIS, just trying stuff to be sure).

    Any ideas?


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    Beyond Compare 3 can only access devices that are assigned a drive letter.

    Some mobile devices (phones, mp3 players, pdas) can't be assigned a drive letter in Windows. Supporting these devices is on our wish list for a future version of BC, but not possible in the current version.
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      Well I guess it's outside of your control how the iPhone & Windows interact. For now I'll just use a workaround of copying all files to my PC that have a modified date newer than last time, and then I can use BC with the files if I need to compare beyond that.
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