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"Folder not available" for Java built RAR files

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  • "Folder not available" for Java built RAR files

    I am trying to compare 2 .rar files and the compare fails repeatedly with "Folder not available". With .zip files it works perfectly. Clearly the file I have is not a "valid" rar. I know this because when I manually make a couple of rars BC handles them perfectly, as it should. However these are .rar files which have been created by a Java build process. (they are resource adapters for a JEE deployment!)
    Is there anything I can do to workaround the "Folder not available" warning so I can compare these files ?

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    We handle Rar files as a WinRar archive type by default. Java uses the same extension as a "resource archive", which is the same as a zip. If you'd prefer to treat these as zips, go to the Tools menu -> Options dialog, Folder Views, and remove *.rar from the RAR archive, and add it to the Zip archive association.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Great, this worked a treat.
      many thanks .... I can now compare these massive ear files each with several of these .rar file inside them!!!
      (P.S. Only minor confusion is that you cannot actually DELETE the RAR association in BC. You remove the mask but the name RAR remains ... .without a mask :-) )


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        I ran into the same issue today and changing the file association fixed the issue for me.