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  • XAML?


    XAML is listed neither as a supported file format nor as an imported format, but the comparison does seem to be working.

    Does anyone know if Beyond Compare just considers it to be XML and is able to compare XAML files as XML files? I noticed that at the top of the file listing it says that the file format is Detected (<default>), NOT XML. What is meant by default?

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    <default> is the file format we fall back to when files do not match any of the currently installed file formats. We can compare plain text files in the Text Compare without applying a specific format, but then by "default" we do not define grammar elements to the comparison.

    If XAML files are similar in structure to XML files, you can edit the XML file format to include them. Go to the Tools menu -> File Formats. Select the XML file format, and in the General tab add *.xaml to the ; semicolon delimited list. Alternatively, you can also Save As the XML format, rename it to XAML, and define the file mask to only match on XAML files (creating a new, specific XAML rule with the XML definitions as a base).

    Let us know if you have any questions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      As WPF and Silverlight are more and more used, it could be nice to have the xaml format listed by default in the xml template in an upcoming release