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Suggestion for Picture Compare: AutoZoom toggle

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  • Suggestion for Picture Compare: AutoZoom toggle

    AutoZoom is a toggle button, so why not make it toggle the view between auto size and actual size?

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    The auto-zoom button sets the display, and is toggled off as soon as the user attempts to change the zoom level. As a toggle (sticky), this command can be left enabled for the user to quickly navigate through multiple different files using the Next Different Files command (default keyboard: Ctrl+M) of varying sizes.

    If you use the Zoom command on the toolbar, there is a dropdown to resize the image to 100%. This is two clicks instead of one, but how does this work for you? You can also use the mouse scroll wheel to quickly resize images, and the numeric value of the Zoom toolbar will update to let you know the current zoom level.
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      Yes, I use all of these. But for me, auto/actual size toggle may be the most used. And I want even more convenience. That's why I suggest that.

      By the way, personally I don't like the mouse wheel resizing. I prefer the wheel for scrolling the view, and Ctrl+wheel for resizing. Will you consider adding such an option?
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        I'll add your suggestions to our Customer Wishlist.
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