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Data compare settings/flow compared to BC2...

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  • Aaron

    BC3 attempts to auto-detect the Header information. You can change this option in the Tools menu -> File Format, for the specific format, in the Type tab if you would like to set it manually.

    To rename a header for the comparison, or to set Key columns, you can do this from the Session Settings dialog for that comparison. You can also right-click a column header in the main view and set it to Key, Std, Unimportant, etc.

    Is the header detection failing? Would you be able to post or email us a pair of sample files? If you email us at [email protected] please include a link back to this forum post for reference.

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  • yamo
    started a topic Data compare settings/flow compared to BC2...

    Data compare settings/flow compared to BC2...

    In BC2, when doing a data compare you got to select various options when the diff started up... in particular being able to selectively specify header row id, specify key columns, specify columns as numeric, sort, etc.

    I just found a couple of the options (numeric,key) with a right click on the column (I could swear I tried that earlier and there was no right click context menu/items) and sorting is reported to be done automatically.

    However, I am not getting my header row even though it's standard first row is headers and I don't see the options about reset name/set name that the help describes.

    Ah the help says "edit" button, but it is the "format" button's "edit..." selection, "type" tab, "First line contains" drop box that has this functionality...

    So it went from a nice flow where you had all the options in one place to being scattered around and impossible to find without referring to the help (and difficult even then).