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Data file problem with lost lines

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  • Data file problem with lost lines

    This probably won't be answered in time to help me so I'm going to end up spending hours upon hours comparing two excel files.

    I converted the files to csv files and tried to compare them using data file. It brought up things that are totally nonsensical to me.

    The file on the left is missing lines 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 11, 14 and so on. The file on the right is missing line 1 only (line 1 is a header line). The files synchronously scroll and at the very end of the right hand sides entries all the missing lines from the left are found. There are not orphans--in most instances there is a matching entry on the right hand side.

    Entries have text in red and black type, but the entries match, so why the type variations? Any help in understanding this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Open the "Session Settings" dialog from the Session menu and on the "Columns" tab check the "Unsorted alignment" checkbox. That will show all the entries sequentially rather than sorting them by the key fields.
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