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Hex compare: switch from bytes to WORDs, DWORDs, QWORDs?

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  • Hex compare: switch from bytes to WORDs, DWORDs, QWORDs?

    I love the Hex Viewer feature in bc2. However, sometimes I would like to view the binary in a different format--for instance, two bytes at a time (WORDs), 4 bytes at a time (DWORDs), or 8 bytes at a time (QWORDs). It would also be great to be able to change the number of columns displayed, and change the "endianness" used when interpreting multi-byte chunks.

    Can bc3 do this?

    (If not, please consider this a feature request.)


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    Thanks. BC3 does not currently support this, but I can add it to our Customer Wishlist.

    Could you go into more detail on the setting the "endianness" of multi-byte chunks?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Also, if you right click a byte in the display, you can view the Little Endian and Big Endian values.
      Aaron P Scooter Software


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        ghex2 has most of the features desired.

        Probably a great place to look for really juicy hex viewer features to pinch is ICY Hexplorer

        Hexplorer hex editor official home page

        Goes that little bit further and allows you to define custom structs in addition to having a set of predefined ones.

        Along with the usual programmer staples of various sized integers,


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          I would like to second the request for this. I think my request breaks into 3 main features.

          1: The ability to toggle the size of a unit. I mostly want DWORDS, but there are times when that is not what I want. I feel like if you give the ability to group the data into bytes, WORDS, DWORDS, and QWORDS you probably cover most usage cases people would need.

          2: The ability to toggle endianness of the data when a unit is more than 1 byte large. In addition, there are some times I would find it useful to be able to toggle the endianness per view (and have the compare redo itself with the differing endian settings). I deal with data that should be the same (or similar enough) for all our targets, but some targets are big endian and some are little. It would be nice to be able to compare the data between platforms and see only where the data is different, not the endian differences.

          3: The ability to set the number of columns in the view. I am used to the memory window of visual studio, and usually have it set to 8 columns of DWORDS. I have thus taught myself that if I go down one row, I have moved 0x20. The ability to set BC3 to match would be nice.


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            Pythonax and Dr_barnowl,

            We've added your suggestions to the wish list.

            Pythonax, your suggestion number 3 is already supported in the Hex Compare. To specify the width of each row, select "Session > Session Settings", go to the Comparison tab, then set the "Bytes per line" value.
            Chris K Scooter Software