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Launching MS Word to perform a compare

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  • Launching MS Word to perform a compare

    I understand that BC can use MS Word to convert files to text format and then compare those files. But how can BC be configured to actually launch an external word session and use Word's built in file compare capabilities?

    I have created a C# 4.0 application that accepts two arguments - the file paths to be compared - and launches a Word session to do the comparing. How can this application be invoked from BC?

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    Our External Conversion processes are used to perform the conversions and show within BC3's file views. We include an MW Word format by default that can open and compare your files.

    If you would like to launch into an external application, you can use the Tools menu -> Options dialog, Open With. Define a new open with, and you can assign it a keyboard shortcut and determine the type of action it will take on a selection of files or folders.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Here is a link to an alternate File Format for MS Word:

      Here is an example External Conversion (custom):

      Here is an example Open With:
      Aaron P Scooter Software