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  • Copy/paste of comparison result

    Hello, I always do some copy / paste of compared data in order to process them in Excel. For example I perform a data comparison of 2 prn files of 100 000 lines each, 90 lines are in difference and I want to copy/paste only those 90 linesfor each side into Excel. However with version 3.3.3 all columns are copied into the same cell in Excel without any separator. It used to work fine before, maybe I'm doing something wrong. Does anybody have an idea of what could cause this behaviour ?

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    Hello, I found a workaround: copy/paste in a text file then import the txt file into Excel. I can see that even if I compare 2 prn files in BC where separator is a semicolon, whenever I do a copy paste in Excel of compared data, BC copies those data with space as a separator.


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      Please disregard this post. Problem was due to a setting in Excel I was never faced to: menu Data/Text to columns keeps in memory the last delimiter which was used. In my case it was set to Space instead of Tab. Resetting it to Tab solves the problem.


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        Thanks for writing in letting us know the solution. If it ever comes up for different files (not Excel), you can create a new custom File Format in the Tools menu -> File Formats dialog, and you can set the Delimiter to "Detect" or manually.

        Since we perform the conversion using a VBScript for Excel files, we know the delimiter should be TAB (for the currently used conversion as of BC 3.3.3).
        Aaron P Scooter Software