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'Tabbing' through the contents of folders in Picture View

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  • 'Tabbing' through the contents of folders in Picture View

    I have vast amounts of images. They are all scans, often of the same physical items, and in many case the same images that have had name changes. Beyond Compare has proved invaluable in sifting out the exact duplicates, but where ther are multiple copies I need to do a visual inspection to identify the 'best' looking copy.

    I stumbled on the Picture Compare option when I opened BC3 instead of BC4 that I have been using by default, and have found how to access Picture Compare in BC4, but whilst I can set the folders to compare, and then highlight a pair of images, I can't see how I can quickly tab to the next image in the folder.

    Is there an easy way to do this (that I have missed) or will I need to go back and highlight another pair and opt for Picture Compare?

    Because the folders are sequential is there a way to continue the tabbing of the images, or tab to the next pair of folders?

    Finally, is there a way of comparing 3 images at the same time?
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    BC4 does not support navigating to every child comparison within the Folder Compare, but we do have a Next Different Files command (Ctrl+M) if you launch a Folder Compare, click into a different file, and from within the child Picture Compare viewer press Ctrl+M (Search menu -> Next Different File).
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      Thanks, I'll take a look.