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    I would like to improve the diffs of excel spreadsheets by creating a custom loader and saver that would determine the superset of columns from both spreadsheets and then insert empty data into the exported csv files so that the columns would still align in the diffs, but unfortunately I can't seem to find a way to know of both files in my custom loading helper.

    Are there any other variables that can be passed to the custom loaders or any other way I can perform preprocessing before generating the data to be compared?

    Any help is appreciated.

    ~ Rod

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    Re-aligning columns automatically (based on column header name, or other criteria) is something on our Wishlist, but not something we currently support.

    A pre-process could help if you add in empty columns or re-order your file to meet a standard. Our default File Format is set to detect the delimiters, but you can configure a custom one that loads a custom external conversion and has manually defined delimiters (or fixed-width columns).
    Since the external conversion is called twice, once per side, it would probably be easier to conform to a specific standard rather than scanning the other side.

    The source file and target file are the supported parameters for the external conversion, but it could call a .bat file or more complicated script that interacts with other files in the Helpers\ directory. For an example, you can download and look at how our Xml sorted and tidied format functions.

    You can also use your Session Settings, Columns tab to manually re-position the columns. These settings can be saved as part of a session, or set as session defaults for all future sessions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software