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CSV Data Compare - Help Me Produce a Delta

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  • CSV Data Compare - Help Me Produce a Delta

    Today, I had to compare a CSV file created today with one created a month ago. I needed to create a "delta" file with only the "new" rows in it.

    Data compare showed me the new rows easily enough, but I haven't found a way to produce a delta file in the original format. Using "Toggle Left Orphans", I'm easily able to select the new rows, copy and paste them, but they're not in the original format - they lack commas, double-quotes, etc.

    I'd like a way to make a copy, not of the selected lines, but of the corresponding original text. Pasting that would have produced my delta file.

    Alternatively, I'd like to add my vote for producing a difference report in CSV format. While it might not produce the exact same format as the original, it might have been close enough.

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    Thanks for the feedback. The Data Compare will produce the TAB delimited text if you copy/paste from it; you would need to use the Text Compare session type if you need to preserve the text as-is. The Text Compare cannot sort based on the Key columns, but you could enable the Sort file format for an overall line sorting (if needed).

    Output/Report as CSV is on our Customer Wishlist. I'll add your notes to our entry on the subject.
    Aaron P Scooter Software