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  • Create a third file showing changes

    I have two files in excel that I need to compare cell for cell. Right now I open them as csv's in BC3 and compare the two. BC3 colors red in each file what is missing in the other file. But that's not quite what I'm hoping to get. I want to create a third file that shows the changes to file A made in file B.

    Here is what I'm looking for:

    File A
    The cow is brown

    File B
    The cowgirl is named brandy

    File C (output from BC3 or BC3 in tandem with some other techniques)
    The cowgirl is brown named brownandy

    (I wanted to make the red strikethough, but didn't know how here. Anyway, that's a tiny detail and isn't the gist of my question)

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    It sounds like you would like to Merge the two lines using our Text Merge session type. However, we do not currently support merging word by word, as in your example. Instead, we could identify where conflicts like this occur between your two files and let you pick to take one side, the other, or manually edit the output.

    Similarly, you could use the Text Compare session and 'merge' any differences manually to one side. Just be careful to perform a Save As to avoid overwriting the original file.

    If you are currently registered for Std which does not include the Merge session type, but would like to try it out, see this article:
    Beyond Compare is a multi-platform utility that combines directory compare and file compare functions in one package. Use it to manage source code, keep directories in sync, compare program output, etc.
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      Originally posted by jasonb View Post
      I want to create a third file that shows the changes to file A made in file B.
      Even if there was a way for BC3 to show the changes to file A made in file B, I'm not sure you would get what you want. It would most likely look like this:

      The cowgirl is named browandy

      What might be nice would be an option for an aligned Interleaved Text Compare Report where each pair of lines is formatted as they would appear if they were displayed in the text compare "Alignment Details" pane.
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        Thanks, I'll take a look at the Text Compare and Text Merge features.