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SharePoint Library syncronisation?

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  • SharePoint Library syncronisation?

    SharePoint Libraries are listed by Explorer the same way as file folders. The address is a web address for ex. https://cloud/collab/Apps/SharePointLibrary/. If I try to do a compare with BC a get "Folder not available". Is this something that can be fixed by settings or this might be a future extension?

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    Expanding our Sharepoint support is on our wishlist, but it is not currently supported. BC3 currently only supports browsing folders as drive letters, network shared folders (samba), or FTP (or SFTP/FTPS in BC3Pro). If you can bind your sharepoint folder to a drive letter, BC3 should be able to navigate and browse it in the Folder Compare.
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      In our Sharepoint setup, the folders are available as what look like SMB shares ; I'm away from our office network right now, but when you perform certain operations, it seems to do it via SMB (for all I know this may be some magic Explorer plugin that just exposes the Sharepoint to Windows as a network share). In any case, I've been using BC3 to sync Sharepoint folders to my machine via this method. Try aiming Explorer at \\yoursharepointserver and see what you can see.. ours are in the "sites" share.