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Orphans missing wtih sorted data in Table compar

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  • Orphans missing wtih sorted data in Table compar

    I must miss something as this seems an obvious item to have but I cannot seem to get it working
    I have two CSV files with the same headers and content, except
    they are differently sorted
    and right has more lines as left

    If I look at the data the orphans do not show, If I switch to non-sorted id does show all rows (including the matching ones) as differences
    I would like to see the records that are not matching (orphans) and any differences between the remainder
    Is there a way to do this?

    Any help is appriciated


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    In the meantime I have found the settings for the right button toggle. That worked for me
    No help is needed any more.


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      For other users finding this thread, and to clarify, you are in Toggles mode (instead of Favorites mode, by right-clicking the Display Filter toolbar), where each criteria can individually be enabled or disabled. In this mode, in order to see all differences, the Different toggle, Left Differences, and Right Differences toggles all need to be enabled to see each type of difference, leaving only Show Same disabled, correct?
      Aaron P Scooter Software