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Counting Number of different rows in CSV

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  • Counting Number of different rows in CSV

    Is there a way to get a count of the different rows?

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    In the Text Compare, you can use the Session menu -> Text Compare Info (or Text Compare Report) to get a count of the number of "same lines," "left orphan," "right orphan," "difference lines," etc. The total different would be the sum of these values.

    If you go to the Tools menu -> File Format, and select the text format you are currently using for CSV files or create a new Text format for CSV, you can use the Misc tab, enable "Lines are independent", and the Text Info will show a number for the difference sections (which are now each line).

    By default, CSV files open in the Data Compare, not the Text Compare, with a gold icon Data Format in the Tools menu -> File Formats. If you have not created a new, white icon Text Format, you are likely using the default format. I would suggest creating the new Text Format if you intend to continue comparing in the Text Compare session type.

    The Data Compare has similar capabilities as the Text Compare with the Data Report or Data Info. Since you posted in the Text Compare subforum, I assume you are in the Text Compare? If not, just let us know and I can provide more detailed instructions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Well I assumed it was text compare since it was CSV, but looks like I was in data compare. But the report was still there and that's pretty much what I needed.

      Thanks Aaron!