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Folder sync: NTFS extended attributes are not preserved

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  • Folder sync: NTFS extended attributes are not preserved

    Sometimes I use BC3 folder sync feature to backup into an external hard drive folders of my Windows-based laptop containing files on which I have set the "Compress" and/or "Encrypt" extended attributes.

    While "Read-only", "Archive", "Hidden" and "System" attributes are correctly preserved during the file copy, "Compress" and "Encrypt" are not.

    Is it the expected behaviour?

    (I'm running BC3 build 15075 on Windows XP SP3. Both source and destination file systems are NTFS-formatted, hence supporting extended attributes).

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    BC3 uses the same basic copy method as Windows Explorer; if you perform a test copy of just a couple of files, does Explorer show the same behavior? If Explorer also fails to preserve them, would you know what might be preventing this?

    Extended NTFS attributes are not currently displayed or compared in BC3, but enhancing our support of them is something on our wishlist.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Oh yes, you are right. Windows Explorer shows the same behavior.
      Apparently during file copy, the "Compress" and "Encrypt" flags of each file are always overridded by the value of those same flags set on the parent destination folder.

      Never noticed that and definitively different from how R-A-H-S flags are managed, but alas that's Windows fault.

      Display and compare NTFS attributes would be great indeed, thanks! :-)