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  • Zoom in Picture Compare?

    Hi! I'm a translator assigned to a picture comparing task and this software has been a great help. I'm not a tech guy so sorry if these questions are easily solved, I couldn't find the answers on the software or looking it up online.

    1) Is there any way to manage zoom settings so as not to use the mouse wheel? If possible, I'd like to zoom in or out using hotkeys and the mouse wheel to move up or down in the picture after zooming in.

    2) If a picture is zoomed in and I move to the next picture using Next Difference Files, it defaults to having the new picture in Actual Size. Is there any way to set it up so that the default configuration is Fit to Window?

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    1) You can drag the zoom bar in the bottom left of the screen. Ctrl+ScrollWheel on the mouse can also scroll. You can also assign hotkeys to Zoom In and Zoom Out by going to the Tools menu -> Options dialog, Toolbars/Etc tab, select view: Picture Compare, and search for Zoom.

    2) If you click the Fit to Window toggle in the lower left, it should stay sticky between your Next Difference File (Ctrl+M) commands. Are you using the latest BC4.x (4.4.6) release? Which OS are you using?
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