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  • Folder Sync Compare Questions

    For a Folder Sync session, in Session Settings, under the Comparison tab, I have selected:
    X Compare Contents
    X CRC Comparison

    And the session reports:
    2013-02-14 14:59:14 Successfully synchronized 574 items. Completed in 1 hours, 38 minutes.
    But the Busy indicator is still sliding across the progress bar, and I presume it is performing the CRC comparison at this point, but the log window doesn't indicate anything at all after the completion.

    1) Am I right in assuming it is doing the comparing now?
    2) If something changes in the left side, and needs to be copied to the right in a subsequent run of the session, will it compare ALL the files, or only the ones it copies?
    3) If I added the checkbox in Session Settings on the compare tab "Skip if quick tests indicate files are the same" would it ever perform a CRC check? Would it only CRC check the files it copied?
    4) Is there some way to get more information or indication of where it is in the compare process during this type of session?

    I have bumped up the log files to include "operation details" so maybe other runs will report more info.
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    Partial answer about compare progress

    I did locate the CTRL+i command which pulls up the compare progress. I was hoping for something more obvious on the main window.


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      Yes, if CRC is the enabled background content compare (in the Session Settings) it will recompare the files after the transfer. We do not current show a progress bar for a background content compare, but improving our reporting is on our Wishlist.
      Aaron P Scooter Software