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Teamviewer File Compare/Transfer wanted

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  • Teamviewer File Compare/Transfer wanted

    Hi, I would like BC3 to support an integration to the Teamviewer file transfer feature. It would be a significant enhancement to both products to be able to use BC3 as the interface to the TV file transfer function.

    I know TV offers a VPN option, however that precludes accessing other computers via the remote controlled computer. So the VPN approach is not that desirable. Using BC3 features on top of the existing TV file transfer mechanism would be much better. To me the TV file transfer looks like it is based upon FTP. If true, BC3 should be able to integrate into this environment using some variation of the current BC3 FTP support.

    Do other people see value here? Thanks, Rich

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    Looking at the trial of Teamviewer, it appears to be a proprietary connection initiated through their program. If there was an API or once the connection was initiated it could be accessed as a drive letter/FTP/etc, it might be possible, but it does not look like they have that support. Have you opened a support ticket with Teamviewer asking if they have a similar feature (such as "Bind this location to drive letter")?
    Aaron P Scooter Software