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Picture Compare .gif Transparency Issues

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  • Picture Compare .gif Transparency Issues

    Windows 7, Beyond Compare 3.3.8, build 16340 and noticed issue while using 3.3.4, build 14431 before upgrading to see if issue has since been fixed since.

    Today I tried to use the Picture compare to look at some image in side-by-side Layout.

    Beyond compare seems to be registering black or white as transparent on some images when its not.

    Attached is:
    • BeyondCompare.gif -- Screenshot of how an image looked in beyond compare
    • BrowserAndOtherApps.gif -- Screenshot of same image but in IE.
    • 6-19-2013 11-42-15 AM.png -- Beyond comparison screenshot of the first 2 images.

    I couldn't figure out a patten, but as I was comparing and looking at ~100 gif images in beyond compare, about 30% of them would incorrectly display either white or black pixels as transparent. All the images do not show any transparency in IE, SnagIt, and IrfanView. Finally after a few hours I found the disable transparency option in the beyond compare options, but what use is even showing transparency if its always incorrect?

    Before I found the disable option I thought maybe I could create an HTML file with all the images side by side. But it looks you you can only create a Picture report of the image diffs. A nice feature would be able to do a "side-by-side" report of the images side by side. That's even what the Compare report calls it and the report even has left, right image text, but its actually only the difference image that's in the report.

    On a side note, what the heck is that third number in the image properties bar? it seems to be width x height x ????. The number does not seem to match anything that I can see for .gif images. It's not the colors pallet size, not the bit depth, not the # of colors... The first 2 attached .gif files are 8 bits with 256 colors defined in the pallet and only about 40 unique colors, yet that third number in beyond compare says 129.

    As always beyond compare is a excellent and powerful tool. Keep up the great work, I cant function without beyond compare anymore.
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    Thanks for the report. This is due to the current limitations in the picture support we have in BC3. This is something we will try to improve in BC4.
    Aaron P Scooter Software