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  • Data Compare of .CSV file

    I am comparing csv files output from two different processes. The files should be the same. On some files I get a result of "Same" and on others I get "Binary same". What is the difference between these results? If there are differences, how do I see them?

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    When configured to run a Rules-based scan, BC3 performs a Binary scan first (which is a deep scan of the entire file, but is quicker than a rules-based scan). If it returns equal, then it must also be Rules-based equal, so we display Binary equal. If it hits a difference during the scan, it immediately stops and begins the Rules-based comparison.

    The Rules-based scan uses the defined session setting defaults, and is similar to double clicking and viewing the results in the default file view (which, for CSV files would be the Data Compare). If this view returns that the files are equal, this would be a Rules-based equal scan. The defaults session settings could be configured to ignore specific text differences, or will ignore invisible metadata differences that might not be part of the text of the file.

    If you would like any further detail, would it be possible to get a pair of Rules-based equal file examples? You could email them privately to us at [email protected] along with a full copy of your settings and system information (Help menu -> Support; Export). In the email, please include a url link to this forum thread for our reference.
    Aaron P Scooter Software