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    I have two spreadhseets that I am doing a comparsion on. Some fields have been marked as unimportant as there are known data variations and some numeric fields are marked as important with a one penny tolerance.

    When I run the compare, even when specifiying ignore unimportant differences, all rows appear as being unequal. Scrolling on rows with the same key all fields appear as black with no characters or fields appearing in red.

    Why does it not recognize these as being equal? What am I missing?


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    If you enable Visible Whitespace, does this reveal a difference in whitespace?

    If you go to the View menu -> Columns, a column with a difference will have a red name. Are they all red here, or only some?

    If you are having trouble tracking this down, you can email us at [email protected] with
    - a pair of sample files
    - Your from the Help menu -> Support dialog
    - A link to this forum thread for our reference

    Including a full screen screenshot would also be very helpful.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      That helped a lot. Now when I set the whitespace in the default I start getting matches. I have only used this product for about 1 week and am still getting my feet wet but it does make file comparison so much easier than the way we have been doing it in the past.


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        Thanks. These videos might help generally, too:

        If you have any other questions come up, or still need any help with the Data Compare and tracking down differences, just send in a few files and we'll be glad to help.
        Aaron P Scooter Software