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not able to load child data compare session

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  • not able to load child data compare session

    I have created folder compare session in which have a child data compare session with marking column as unimportant.

    This I done by updating the BCSession.xml file manually using vb code

    After loading folder session using script, I am getting unimportant difference as important. After I checked the session property it is showing again as important column

    I used a script mentioed below

    load "test"
    filter filename.csv
    Select all
    data-report layout:side-by-side options:display-mismatches,line-numbers output-to:"outputpath" output-options:wrap-word,html-color

    Kindly suggest if any solution on the same or if any mistake i have done in saving the session
    Thanks in advance

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    Please try creating the Folder Compare session "test" in the graphical interface first, to verify your saved child session settings are set correctly.

    To do so, load up the Folder Compare and set the filter to filename.csv, then double click and load up the child Data Compare. Once here, go to the Session menu -> Session Settings, Columns, and go to Column 1. Then make the column Unimportant, and in the main dialog update the dropdown at the bottom from Use for this View only to Use for all files in parent session. It would be important to use 'for all files in parent session' and not 'for these files in parent session'.

    Then close the child compare, re-save the Folder Compare. Then restart BC3 and try out loading the parent folder compare and testing to see if column 1 is unimportant in the original scenario, and if you introduce new files.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hi Aaron

      Thanks for your quick reply.
      I tried the solution which you have suggested using VBScript for creating a session and try to update BCSession.xml using VBScript.
      Please refer BCSession.xml that I have updated.

      <TDirCompareSession Value="Test">
      <TDataCompareSession Value="">
      <Num Value="6"/>
      <Insig Value="True"/>
      <Left Value="(myfilepath)"/>
      <Right Value="(myfilepath"/>
      <LastModified Value="2013-09-04 15:35:04"/>
      <Left Value=""/>
      <Right Value=""/>
      <DisplayFilter Value="[showLeftAdded, showRightAdded, showLeftChanged, showRightChanged]"/>

      I am still able to load folder compare session but child data compare session settings are not reflecting and showing unimportant difference as important.

      My requirement here is, I want to save the session not from beyond compare but directly updating BCSession.xml using VBScript.

      Can you suggest any solution on this.

      Thanks in advance.. !!.


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        I am not sure where you are getting the "Items" node. I would expect the structure to be different, using a <defaults> node.

        It also seems to be missing the Keys node (below Cols and above Custom), for example:
        <Keys Value="1;2"/>

        Please use the graphical interface to generate the BCSessions.xml. This would allow you to see the current node structure you can use. Once you verify that this method works, you can then implement a vbscript which emulates it.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Thanks a lot Aaron.
          your suggestion helps a lot !!!