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listing down difference sections using a script

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  • listing down difference sections using a script

    I want to compare two intel hex format files using a commandline script.
    The output should be displayed on the command prompt.
    If there are more than 4 difference sections,then the files are different otherwise ok. How do I do this using a script ?

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    We do not currently support a "more than 4 differences" definition. Your two intel Hex files, is it binary information that must be compared in our Hex Compare? Or is it plain text data that can be compared using our Text Compare. The type of comparison would determine how Unimportance could be defined. I would suggest trying different comparison strategies in the graphical interface first, since scripting mirrors actions that you can take in the graphical interface. Once the comparison works there as you expect, you can then create a script that performs the same steps/comparison.

    By default, you can easily use the /quickcompare command line argument, run a binary compare, and have it return to the %errorlevel% variable whether the files are binary equal or have a difference. This does not take into account any unimportant sections, however.
    Aaron P Scooter Software