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Script for Excel compare doesn't work from IIS

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  • Script for Excel compare doesn't work from IIS

    I'm working with BC3 cli in order to compare 2 excel files and save a text-report in xml format.
    I have download the ms excel format that compare excels as CSV.
    the thing is that the code works great in debug mode,
    once I publish the code to IIS, It's not working.

    I'm getting 107 exit code,
    i guess it something about the format is being installed per user in the computer and not for all the users,
    I tried to copy the AppData\Roaming\Scooter Software\Beyond Compare 3
    from my user to the user that runs IIS
    but it still failing,
    any Idea why??

    I tried the same thing in BC4, and I'm getting output XML report but with
    <error1>Conversion Error</error1>
    <error2>Conversion Error</error2>‚Äč


    any ideas how to make it work under IIS???

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    I received your email as well and just shot out a longer reply. In summary, I suggest using the setup.exe to create a Portable Install to a globally read/write accessible location (C:\Tools) as a way to avoid issues running as different users. The portable (single directory) install will avoid AppData, and run with the same settings regardless of which graphical, scripted, or service user is executing the program.

    For the BC4 issue, please double check that you are testing in the interface first, assuming the factory default settings, with the Table Compare and in script (from the graphical command line in the same environment as the graphical interface tests) with data-report, before moving over to a service running a script. This will help verify if there's a general configuration issue in play or if the service environment is the issue.
    Aaron P Scooter Software