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Export a clean file of orphans lines

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  • Export a clean file of orphans lines


    I have compared 2 DB dump files and isolated the orphan lines in the right frame from the 2nd file.
    I can see the sections closed with a line and I can open them by a clic on the + sign, at the begining of each line.

    Now, I would like to export the result in a text file without any section line but the orphan lines only in order to have a clean output file.
    Is it possible please?



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    Would you be looking for exact file content (a copy / paste) instead of a report? You can set the Display Filter on the toolbar or in the View menu to show only Orphans, then select the right side and Select All, Copy/Paste to copy only the orphan lines into a text file.

    Our report styles can also show only orphans, in the Session menu -> Text Compare Report, but generally have other information such as headers, depending on the Layout you pick.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Aaron, How can I export just the orphan lines to a text file or clipboard?


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        The Text Compare Report can show only orphans if you switch the Display Filters from Favorites to Toggles by right-clicking the display filter toolbar buttons, then switch to Toggles.
        Toggles has each status as a toggle button, so toggle off Show Same and Show Differences, and enable Show Left Orphans and Show Right Orphans.

        You can then Copy and Paste into a text file, or use the Text Compare Report which will respect the set display filters.
        Aaron P Scooter Software