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Copy left to right all whitespace changes.

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  • Copy left to right all whitespace changes.

    I would like an easy way to revert (copy left to right) all whitespace changes.

    I often end up manually reverting many lines of formatting changes which occurred automatically when coding within visual studio (resharper plugin).

    I like to revert these unimportant changes so that i do not get formatting changes mixed in with functional changes.

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    We can copy entire lines from left to right, but not only whitespace characters within those lines. Are the lines only different due to whitespace, or are there other changes that would be copied over as well?

    If you are looking to find only whitespace different lines, I would recommend making them Important to your current comparison. Go to the Session menu -> Session Settings, Importance tab, and uncheck all other items, then enable the 3 whitespace importance options. Here you can now quickly navigate to each whitespace difference (while optionally dealing with other 'unimportant' differences that come up, toggling Ignore Unimportant Differences on/off).
    Aaron P Scooter Software