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What is (r) signify ?

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  • What is (r) signify ?

    I noticed today that some of my files on one side in the comparison window have an (r) next to them. I Cannot find the meaning of this in help or searching this forum. The file is not read-only.
    Does any body have an idea?


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    The (r) does mean the Read Only attribute is set. If you right click the file in Explorer, and go to Properties, you should see that Read Only is also enabled on the system level.

    Many applications still allow you to edit Read Only files, while sometimes presenting a prompt when you attempt to save.

    If you enable the Attributes column in the Folder Compare, then we'll pull out the (r) or other attributes at the end of the file name and put them in this column instead. This is done by right clicking the column headers area and choosing which columns to show.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      OK, Thank you for your quick response. I found the problem. I am using Linux and the files in question had changed owner to someone other than my account, and the 'group' and 'other' users were set to read only, but the owner was still read/write.