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Help: "Take Left Then Right" option missing from menu

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  • Help: "Take Left Then Right" option missing from menu

    I'm new to Beyond Compare, so I may be missing something simple here, but I can't figure out why the "Take Left Then Right" option isn't appearing in the context menu or Edit menu. Here's the situation:

    OS: Windows 7
    BC: Version 3.3.8 Standard Single User
    Context: BC set as the Merge Tool for Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate using TFS as the source control

    I have conflicting changes in both files on the same line (see image 1 below). I'd like to keep both lines. I've found a few workarounds, but my initial googling lead me to several articles that mention a "Take Left Then Right" option. It doesn't appear to be in the context menu (see image 2 below) or on the Edit menu (see image 3 below). Also, the Ctrl-B shortcut key doesn't appear to do anything either.

    Any light that can be shed on this situation would be appreciated.

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    It looks like you are in a Text Compare session (Diff) and not the Text Merge session. The Take Left then Right command would only apply to a Text Merge session (which, can be a 2 or 3 way merge, and an additional Output pane on the bottom):

    Do you have BC3 Pro and the Text Merge session available? Text Merge is a BC3 Pro specific feature.

    How is Visual Studio currently configured? If it is only passing in two parameters, this would launch in the Text Compare for a 'diff'. You would need to add /fv="Text Merge" to the command line to force a 2way Merge with only two parameters. Normally, a 'diff' would use the Text Compare session, while a merge would use the Text Merge session. Since this is TFS managed, I would suspect a merge could be used, and it would even provide a 3rd file (common ancestor) which will make merging much easier.
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      Thanks for the quick reply and great explanation.