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    New to the forum and very new to using Beyond Compare. Finding the forum a great source of reference, but i'm strugging to find some previous posts that may help me.

    I have two data files that i wish to compare. I have a section of the data that i wish to ignore, but there is a variable number than can appear in this section of data.

    Data cut 1


    Data cut 2


    Is it possible to write a grammar rule as follows

    400046(ignore 7 variable numbers)400

    Appreciate any help with the above as if i can get it to work will save me countless hours!!

    Many thanks,


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    This could be done in the Text Compare, but not within the Data Compare. The Data Compare can define an entire column as Unimportant, but not a specific Regular Expression of data within a data cell.

    I notice you posted in the Text Compare forum, but mention data files. If you are in the Text Compare, you can define this kind of text as unimportant following this guide and video:
    Beyond Compare is a multi-platform utility that combines directory compare and file compare functions in one package. Use it to manage source code, keep directories in sync, compare program output, etc.

    Given your current requirement, you could use a Basic grammar type, with the Regular Expression:

    Once defined, make sure that element name is Unchecked in the Importance session settings tab (either for one session, or default for all future sessions).
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hi Aaron,

      Thank you for your reply.

      I am comparing data extracts, but i'm such a novice using Beyond Compare i am finding using a text compare an easier option that gives the results i require.

      I've tried adding the grammar rule as you suggested and it has worked perfectly. Saving my team a massive amount of checking.

      Appreciate your help.

      Kind Regards.


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        Importance Tab?

        Hi, I tried to follow along with the video and instructions but there is no "Importance" tab under Session settings in my version! Where can I find it?

        Just to be clear:

        I've created a new file format and under grammar I've put the text I want it to ignore.

        My first problem arises when I cannot tell if the correct file format is being used as where the video shows that being displayed, it is not displayed in my version of the program.

        Second problem is that when I go to "uncheck" the unimportant text, I can't find the Importance tab to do that.

        I'll attach some jpgs to show my available options. Thanks in advance!


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          It looks like you are currently in a Folder Compare. The Session Settings are context specific for the current view. The video and steps are for a single pair of files that are the current view. A Folder Compare can achieve similar results with a Rules-based scan, but you'll want to view and verify a single pair of files first to see if the format is working as expected.

          Then, you can update the Text Compare Session Settings to Apply for this view only or Also Update Session defaults. Setting the default then applies to a Folder Compare's Rules based scan. (Defaults can also be set on the Home screen, Saved Sessions list, Edit session defaults folder, Text Compare).
          Aaron P Scooter Software


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            Thank you Aaron! I got the single file view grammar check to work. It ignores the text that I've chosen.

            I'm not understanding how to then apply this to an entire folder? If you could outline the steps that I use in Folder view, that would be a great help!

            Thanks again,



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              No problem. The easiest is to update the session defaults for the Text Compare.

              From the Home screen, in the Saved Sessions list, expand the "Edit session defaults" folder and select Text Compare. Checked items are Important, Unchecked are Unimportant, and once saved these settings will be used for future text compares, and a Folder Compare's Rules-based scan.

              For a slightly more complicated but customized approach, if needed, by saving a specific Folder Compare session, launching a child Text Compare session, setting the Importance in the Session Settings and also updating that dialog from "Use for this view only" to "Apply to all files in parent session". The rules-based scan then uses these settings.

              Does this help explain how to configure the default session settings or a folder compare with saved child compare settings?
              Aaron P Scooter Software


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                LOL I admit, I might be a bit daft because I'm not getting it. But I will show you screen by screen what is happening. Let's just look at the Text Compare instructions you just gave me first.

                Here’s what I’m doing:
                1. Open Edit Session Defaults (start.jpg)
                2. Choose Text Compare (choosetext.jpg)
                3. Unclick faculty edition and supervisory edition and save (unclick.jpg) and (saved.jpg)
                4. Now if I choose Open and open two text files to compare, they still mark the text that I’ve unclicked above as different/important. (stilldiff.jpg)

                What am I doing wrong?

                Thank you!



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                  Those steps look fairly good. My first guess: when you defined the format, did you define a new format? The screenshot showing your files has them using "<default>"; if there's a custom format they should be using instead then you would want to make sure the file mask matches so that format is picked automatically. If you edited <default> with your custom grammar, then this is fine.

                  Perhaps your grammar is not matching? If you would like, please email into [email protected] with
                  1) Your (Help menu -> Support; Export)
                  2) A pair of sample files, preferably from this screenshot or new screenshots demonstrating the issue so we know where to look
                  3) A link back to this forum thread, for our reference.

                  With this, we should be able to reproduce what you are seeing, and then figure out what steps are needed to get it working as you expect.
                  Aaron P Scooter Software