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  • scroll separatly

    sometimes after I compared two text files I need to scroll separately the files.
    I've some file's text and the same text in the next file but in the other place. I want compare visual the two text, so I want to scroll separately the every one windows after compared its.
    How to do this?
    thanks for help

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    BC3's Text pane is always linked scrolling. However, we also have the Align With command to align text of one side to that of another (if the auto-alignment did not work). Highlight the text on the left, right click and Align With, then scroll to the text on the right and highlight it to perform the re-alignment.

    If you do not want to perform a full re-alignment, you can highlight the left text, Copy it, then highlight the right text, right-click, and Compare to Clipboard.
    Aaron P Scooter Software