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  • Column Start Poition Override

    The software is automatically choosing where columns start and stop and I need to override its choices. For example, I want to sort on the date following the letters ‘AR’ in the first column. Then I want to sort on the next column, and then on the 12th through 23rd position of the column on the next page. I know how to mark columns as keys, but, I don’t know how to define the columns where I need them, which is what I am trying to do.
    Help Please!

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    To set where a column should begin or end, you can define a new Data format in the Tools menu -> File Formats, New: Data format. Then in the Type tab you can set the type to be Delimited (and you customize the delimiters) or Fixed length fields.

    We do not support sorting on part of a cell. You would need to define your data in such a way that the date becomes it's own column without AR, which might be difficult or require pre-processing. If the date follows your system regional format, it should then detect as a Date column, and sort correctly (rather than alphabetically as a Text column).

    Any column that is marked as a Key, together, will form what we sort and align by.

    You can move columns around after you've loaded the Data Compare with your files, then go to the Session menu -> Session Settings, Columns tab. Here you can move columns to align with other columns, or set as Key columns, etc.
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