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  • sorting before comparing

    because table/data-compare is very slow on bigger files, I use text-compare instead.

    how can I do a simple sort on the complete file before comparing it?

    yes, I can do it in linux or windows-shell with the known 'sort'-command,
    but it would be nice doing it within bc and doing it for the files in the session ...

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    Once your files are open in the Text Compare, click the format dropdown in the file info panel below the path edit for each file and change it to "Sorted".

    This will make the Text Compare sort the files before comparing them.

    To force files matching a specific file extension or mask to always open sorted, select "Tools > File Formats". Click New. Select Text Format. Name the format. In the General tab, enter a file mask matching your files, such as *.ext, with multiple masks separated by semicolons. In the Conversion tab, change Conversion from None to Sort. Save the format.

    When you view the contents of a pair of files BC starts at the top of the list in Tools > File Formats and works through the list until it finds the first format with a matching file mask.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Thanks a lot !

      A simple solution ...
      ... if you know how to use all these great features