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Revert search order for comparing texts

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  • Revert search order for comparing texts


    I'm using Beyond compare for a long time and I think the following behavior is newer.
    When I'm adding new lines of code in a C file I get the following comparison result:

    return FALSE;

    return TRUE;

    I checked white spaces but the closing bracket line of the new code are really equal to the closing bracket line of old code.
    I think the comparison doesn't show the closing bracket of old code as equal because the search order for comparison is in inverse order. These would explain the result I have.

    Is there any way to invert the order (switch off invert order) to make the comparison result more near to the real changes ?
    This is the only ugly problem I have with beyond compare and I hope there is a way to fix it.

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    There haven't been any big changes to our alignment algorithms between minor BC3 versions; they are customizable in the Session Settings, Alignment tab. You can switch between Standard and Alternate methods. BC4 also added a new algorithm that is selectable: Patience Diff.

    Patience diff is specifically designed to help with this scenario, but as an algorithm it is not guaranteed to work in all instances. I would suggest installing the BC4 trial, which does not require you to uninstall BC3, to see if it helps with your specific files. This way, you can keep BC3 registered and the BC4 trial, and hop between them to compare.
    Aaron P Scooter Software