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bc3 - Data Compare Not working

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  • bc3 - Data Compare Not working

    Well, I thought it wasn't. It turns out that BC3, didn't correctly "guess" if one of the files had column headers or not. It did not, but it thought that it did.

    In order to remedy this, could you please make the various options selectable with toggles, or dropdowns? I think this would help it greatly. For now, I just created a new file type with the options I need for this data compare.

    The things that would have helped me in this instance are toggles for:
    • Column Names On/Off
    • Delemiters On / Off (For removing comma delimters in a pipe delimited files

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    Thanks for the suggestion, Michael. As you've noted, we don't have a method to override this on the fly, but you can either create a clone of the format with the other settings, or temporarily update the Format with the new settings. Both will reload/refresh the comparison. Improving this behavior is on our wishlist.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks for being open to suggestions!

      Originally posted by Aaron View Post
      Improving this behavior is on our wishlist.