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  • Count differences by XML tag


    I am attempting to configure BC to compare XML files and I was wondering if there is a feature/configuration available to count the number of differences by tags in XML. For example, I have multiple people with many tags each (Age,Gender,Name,etc) and I want to know how many differences there are based on each tag. Is something like this possible in Beyond Compare?

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    Just saw and replied to your email.

    The key is to first open your files in the Text Compare and verify that your nodes are aligned and that data is comparing as expected. If not, we may need to install additional formats such as XML Tidied or XML Sorted from the website.

    Once aligned, you can customize the format with a new grammar type to match on your specific element. This is done in the Tools menu -> File Formats dialog, select the format, and add a new Grammar element. This could be a delimited type, like <Age> to <Age>

    Then go back to the comparison and in the Session Settings dialog, Importance tab, leave the new element Checked (Important) and uncheck all other items to make them Unimportant. Then enable Ignore Unimportant Differences to remove blue differences from the comparison.

    We have a video that might be helpful, about defining a specific element and making it the only unimportant element. This scenario is similar up to the last step: define the element but then make it the only Important element instead.
    Aaron P Scooter Software