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  • Remove Unimportant Lines

    I have an xml document that has many <Pricing> elements.
    I have tried Regex, and then adding it as a variable of Text.
    Some come in Blue but the rest come in Black.
    When I activate the Unimportant lines it does not remove them.
    It only turns them from Blue to Black.

    Also is Spacing taken into consideration?
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    Defining a grammar element will match on specific text. If you click the cursor into the text area, we show the detected grammar name in the bottom status bar.

    Grammars can then be defined as Important or Unimportant. If text is aligned and equal, it is black. If it is different, we'll mark it as Red if it is an Important difference, or Blue if it is an Unimportant difference. You can then switch blue to black with Ignore Unimportant Differences. This impacts the Display Filters, where you can then set to only Show Differences (which shows any Red and Blue text lines). If blue has been ignored, they then do not show when setting to Show Differences.

    If there is other red text on the line, then that text is a difference and the line would still be shown as a difference. Is that what is occurring above? I see red differences but no blue.

    Spacing can be considered Unimportant if it is not swallowed by another grammar. If another grammar definition contains the whitespace, then it is part of that definition and the grammar determines if it is Important or Unimportant.

    Does this help explain the behavior you are seeing? Let us know if you have any questions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      figured it out watching the youtube
      Today we'll use the OSX version of the BC4 beta to define Unimportant text in two log files.

      Thanks Quack Quack


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        I'm stumped. I followed this example to try and have a "prefix" be considered unimportant.
        While the prefix is recognized as in the video, when I click "minor", the lines still appear, unlike the video.

        An example Left/Right are:
        Left: lp_hd_bundle_chip_0499lapsed
        Right: lp_bundle_chip_0499lapsed
        The prefix is defined as a regular expression: lp(_hd)?_

        When I click on anywhere in the left "lp_hd_" or the right "lp_" the grammar element name "item_code_prefix" appears.
        In Minor enabled view, the elements appear black.
        In Minor disabled view, the "hd_" on the left hand side appears blue (unimportant)

        however, in Minor enabled or disabled view, the lines are always different.

        I don't understand why something that used to be so simple, is now so complicated!-(


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          That all looks well defined, and I tested it, and the above example text successfully defines and marks as unimportant. Is there another difference on the line?

          You can use the Next Difference command (Shift+Ctrl+N) to scroll to different text on the line. Note, this command is different than the arrow button on the toolbar, which is Next Difference Section.

          If the prefix text is successfully blue/black when Ignore Unimportant is disabled or enabled, then that part is defined correctly and working. We also show the grammar name in the bottom status bar when you click into the text, so that sounds like you've successfully configured it.

          If you are still having trouble, I would suggest emailing us at [email protected] with a pair of sample files, a full screen screenshot, and your Help menu -> Support; Export:, along with a link back to this forum thread for our reference. We can then recreate your comparison and find the problem.
          Aaron P Scooter Software


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            maddening. No matter what I do can't get any differences to be ignored as unimportant. I'm working with xml. I've created rules around a specific tag like: from: <dc:identifier> to: </dc:identifier>. I've also tried various regex as well. Even tried to set all xml tag content as unimportant, like: >.*<
            And no matter what the element content is viewed is important. Any help is appreciated.


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              For specific help, please email us at [email protected] with a pair of sample files, a full screen screenshot, and your Help menu -> Support; Export:, along with a link back to this forum thread for our reference. We can then recreate your comparison and find the problem.

              Generally, defining unimportance has a KB article with video walkthrough, here:
              Beyond Compare is a multi-platform utility that combines directory compare and file compare functions in one package. Use it to manage source code, keep directories in sync, compare program output, etc.

              After defining the grammar element, you can click the cursor into the text and view the bottom status bar, which displays the detected grammar element. Assuming the element is correctly defined and appears in the status bar, you can then control its importance in the Session Settings (for the current view or the default for all future comparisons).
              Aaron P Scooter Software