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  • Compare Text within two CSVs


    I have two CSVs, the CSVs are not the same format, specifically I have a different number of columns and also the content I am searching for is in a different format.

    e.g. CSV1 has a column with a filename including its physical path, the second CSV which I want to use to find all the matching files within CSV1 only has the filename.

    I didn't find a way to use expersions to find where CSV2 has a filename somewhere within the semicolons, that exists in CSV1.

    The files are over a few GB each, so all other tools e.g. notepad++ where I know how to do this, cannot open load such files into memory.

    Can someone tell me of a way to achieve this?

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    If you could post two small sample files (a couple rows each) or email to [email protected], we could provide more detailed instructions. If emailed, please include a link back to this forum thread and a full screen screenshot showing the data you need to compare.

    For using the Table Compare, do we auto detect the column breaks correctly and place the data into columns? You can then use the Table Compare's Session menu -> Session Settings, Columns tab to move the columns in order to align out of order columns. Once aligned, the column would then be compared. You can then mark all other columns as Unimportant, and then search only for rows which contain a difference in this specific column.

    **However, the Table Compare does not support any change in the column, so your Full File Path vs. File Name scenario would always be a difference.**

    Instead, you would need to use the Text Compare, and define a grammar which only matches on the File Name, and then mark all other grammars and Everything Else as Unimportant in the Text Compare's Session menu -> Session Settings, Importance tab (unchecked items are Unimportant; checked items are Important). Defining a grammar is detailed here:
    Following this guide will help, but at the end instead of Unchecking your recently created grammar, you check it to make it Important, and Uncheck everything else.
    Aaron P Scooter Software