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Sequence numbers in a CNC program Marked as Unimportant

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  • Sequence numbers in a CNC program Marked as Unimportant

    I'd like to mark sequence numbers (N1... or ;N1...) as unimportant when comparing CNC output text.
    I'd like to believe someone has either done this or something similar.
    Items begining with "N" or ";N" are sequence numbers and will always have a white space after.
    How do you go about telling BC to ignore N1 to infinity?

    Below is an example output:
    N7300 G505
    N7310 G0 X0.0 Y.13893 Z442.21502 S2500 D1 M3 M52 M106
    N7320 F300.
    N7330 Z2.38882 D1 M07
    N7340 CYCLE81(442.215,-0.111,2.5,-153.891,,0,0,0,12)
    ;End of Path
    N7350 TRANS X0 Y0 Z0
    N7360 TRAFOOF
    N7370 SUPA G0 Z750. D0
    ;N7380 SUPA G0 X0.0 Y500. A0.0 B0.0 D1
    N7390 CYCLE832(0,0,1)
    N7400 M5

    Thanks for taking time to look at this.
    Talbot Teboe

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    See the Define Unimportant Text in Beyond Compare article on our website.

    When you follow the instructions at the above link, select Basic, then check Regular Expression.
    Use the expression: ^;?N\d+

    Explanation of the regular expression:
    ^ - beginning of a line
    ? - match on 0 or 1 of the preceding character
    \d - any decimal character
    + - one or more of the preceding character

    See the "Regular Expression Reference" topic in Beyond Compare's help file for more on regular expressions.
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      Thank you. Hopefully I will give a go yet today.
      I was not even close to what you have illustrated.