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Sequence numbers in a CNC program Marked as Unimportant

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  • tteboe
    Thank you. Hopefully I will give a go yet today.
    I was not even close to what you have illustrated.

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  • Chris
    See the Define Unimportant Text in Beyond Compare article on our website.

    When you follow the instructions at the above link, select Basic, then check Regular Expression.
    Use the expression: ^;?N\d+

    Explanation of the regular expression:
    ^ - beginning of a line
    ? - match on 0 or 1 of the preceding character
    \d - any decimal character
    + - one or more of the preceding character

    See the "Regular Expression Reference" topic in Beyond Compare's help file for more on regular expressions.

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  • Sequence numbers in a CNC program Marked as Unimportant

    I'd like to mark sequence numbers (N1... or ;N1...) as unimportant when comparing CNC output text.
    I'd like to believe someone has either done this or something similar.
    Items begining with "N" or ";N" are sequence numbers and will always have a white space after.
    How do you go about telling BC to ignore N1 to infinity?

    Below is an example output:
    N7300 G505
    N7310 G0 X0.0 Y.13893 Z442.21502 S2500 D1 M3 M52 M106
    N7320 F300.
    N7330 Z2.38882 D1 M07
    N7340 CYCLE81(442.215,-0.111,2.5,-153.891,,0,0,0,12)
    ;End of Path
    N7350 TRANS X0 Y0 Z0
    N7360 TRAFOOF
    N7370 SUPA G0 Z750. D0
    ;N7380 SUPA G0 X0.0 Y500. A0.0 B0.0 D1
    N7390 CYCLE832(0,0,1)
    N7400 M5

    Thanks for taking time to look at this.
    Talbot Teboe