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  • Store manual results in workspace?


    I'm a new user of BC. I started with a compare of two PDFs. I marked some lines manually as "ignore" and safed my workspace. At the next start of BC all ignores were lost. Is there a way to save the lastest status, including these manual ignores? I don't want to spend much time in creating automatic filters, as long as I can manually check the differences faster.


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    The Ignore command is not saved as part of the session or workspace; it is lost after a refresh or reload. If you have specific differences you want to mark as Unimportant for PDF files, we have a KB article and video that will help explain the process of defining a Grammar, and then marking that grammar as Unimportant:

    Workspaces save the open windows and tab orientation, and reload the items within them. It's a quick way to restore your entire desktop configuration, but doesn't save the comparison "as is." It re-opens the tabs and refreshes the comparison/files within.
    Sessions are similar, but do not save the Window position or multiple tabs. They are a single tab for a single comparison, similar to a Bookmark. It stores the file/folder locations and any configuration changes in the Session Settings dialog, which controls how the comparison loads.
    Sessions are specific comparisons, while a Workspace is (usually) multiple sessions or favorite window/tab positions.
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